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Welcome to Mahahual Costa Maya!

Mahahual is a little Caribbean fishing village situated in the south of Quintana Roo State, Mexico, which in the last few years has gained recognition for its investment potential on the real estate market locally and internationally.

Mahahual is a paradise of warm sandy beaches and blue turquoise water like no other, with an all-year average temperature of 90º all year long.


This, along with its virgin beauty, makes Mahahual an ideal place to relax or live in peace and harmony with the environment.


Numerous water activities, growing tourist interest and its growth potential, place Mahahual in the spotlight as a paradise for investors.

DeMa Real Estate

DeMa Real Estate is a division of

DeMa Desarrollo whose propose is to further develop the potential need based on the already existing market in the region.


Mahahual's pristine location preserves its beauty and tranquility, which is why we do not consider the sale/ rental of properties as just a formality.


We feel that it is important to give our potential clients the necessary information and the best options when making their investment in Mahahual .

Pre-sale condo in Mahahual, Costa Maya, Mexico

Our Mission

To become a diversified real estate company that recognizes 

opportunities to consistently increase returns for our clients, investors, and suppliers.

Business Models

For Sale

Best Real Estate property for Sale in Mahahual, Costa Maya!

At DeMa Real Estate we focus on offering the best options for land, houses, and apartments with a range of prices within our portfolio.


Best Real Estate property for Sale in Mahahual, Costa Maya!

Rent in Mahahual has become fundamental to its growth, with new and better opportunities on offer every day.

DeMa Real Estate provides short or long term rental options.


Pre Sale apartment for sale in Mahahual, Costa Maya, Mexico

Dema Real Estate developments in Mahahual.

Adquire a brand new apartment, You will not regret it!


SAN-KAH'S Casa Lupita

3 Bedrooms

As a suggestion and with the help of our services, in mid-2016 Lupita began renting a room through Airbnb. She now has 3 rooms for rent in a house that was built and designed specifically for this purpose.


Lupita has not only gained SUPERHOST status via the Airbnb website but has also set the tone for many other properties with the same purpose.

$50 USD/per noche.

Great opportunities for sale in Mahahual, Costa Maya!

What started as an occasional idea for renting to guests, has became a business that has allowed me to live this dream called Mahahual.


Lupita Diaz




Dream it... buy it... live it!!!