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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can a foreign individual, corporation,

or trust own property in Mexico,

or is it a lease?

Yes you can own property in Mexico, and no it is not a lease.

Decades ago, the law did not allow foreigners of any sort

to own property within 30 miles of the coastal waters,

and within 50 miles of the borders.

The purpose of this legislation was to protect

Mexico’s sovereignty though the establishment of

the restricted zone.

Today, the most common way to own residential property

along the Mexican coastline or borders is

trough a “Corporation” or

"Mexican Trust" called Fideicomiso.





Can I establish a Mexican corporation?

Yes. To create a Mexican corporation is a fairly

simple matter that requires a minimum of two partners,

both of which can be foreigners.  A Mexican corporation is permitted to purchase real property and/or operate a business.

Virtually all Mexican corporations hire an accountant (CPR) to handle the required paperwork; given that accounting and tax declaration is complicated due to the existing fiscal laws which change frequently, and with the addition of new laws which occur often. 


What is a Fideicomiso?!?


The "Trust" is completely safe and provides foreign individual, corporations, and trusts with all the rights of ownership. A Mexican bank is required by law to administer and represent an owner of a Mexican Trust. The beneficiary of a "Trust" can be a foreign individual, corporation, or trust.


What would the annual expenses be for Mexican property?

Property tax ("predial"): Based on the Municipality appraisal value. A 4-bedroom house on the ocean pays between $1,000 and $1,500 USD Bank Trust fee: Each bank has different fees. Some have a fixed rate and some others calculate it according to the appraised value of the property. You can expect yearly fee between $500.00 and $1,000.00 USD Federal Zone tax: If your property is right on the beach you will pay this tax every year, and it is calculated on the frontage of the lot. A 66-foot ocean front lot pays about $400.00 USD a year.

Can I rent my property while I’m not using it?

Yes. Many people are aware of this area given the tourist tradition of the last 25 years. Recently, the internet exposure has increased the awareness of this area considerably. There are a number of rental organizations that contribute to a high occupancy rate. Some owners handle their rentals successfully through a web site. Property rental is an excellent way to quickly recover your initial investment. 

How can I provide maintenance to the property and cover the expenses if I don’t live in Mexico?

Most condominium buildings have an on site administrator who takes care of the property. A monthly maintenance fee is paid by each unit to cover expenses.

The caretaker provides various services to the owner and guests. The cost for caretaker service is easily offset through rentals.
Property Managers are also available. They provide services such as property maintenance, paying utility bills, purchasing cleaning supplies, paying salaries, supervision of employees, greeting and assisting your guests, and coordinating the immediate repairs the property may need.


How complicated is it to retire in Mexico?

This part of Mexico is becoming ideal for retired people.

There is an important American community

increasing continuously, attracted by the beauties of the area,

the warm winters, and practically no crime.

Cancun provides daily direct flights to the major cities

of the United States and Europe.

To obtain your immigration status as retired is a matter of

a few days and about $500.00 USD,

if you hire a lawyer for the paper work.

It is less expensive if you do it yourself,

however we recommend using a lawyer or legal firm

with experience to facilitate the process.

How complicated is it to move

to and work in Mexico?

It is much easier than for a Mexican to get established

in the States.

You can either open a corporation or work for someone else.

If you are going to work for someone else you will need

a letter stating they are offering you the job,

explaining your position in the organization and

the salary you will receive.

If you are opening a corporation you can get your immigration papers as the administrator of your company and you will need a notary and a reliable accountant firm. In any case, DeMa Real Estate - Mahahual can assist you in the process and advise you.

What kind of financing is available in a real estate purchase?

Presently there are a few American institutions providing financing to Americans and Canadians in order to purchase houses or condominiums that are already built. In most transactions, the only financing is provided by the seller. Most transactions are by cash with the purchaser making arrangements back home. Mexican banks do not lend to foreigners.

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